That Smell.

I spent the afternoon at the hospital holding my bestie's new baby girl (can you think of a better way to spend a day?) I sat there with that tiny little baby and all I could think of was how amazingly good she smelled. If you have ever held a newborn baby then you know exactly what I am talking about. It's that sweet scent that just lingers in the air and you just know the minute you walk in the room that there is a newborn somewhere nearby.

 Even now I can still smell that little baby all over me, and OMG could I love it any more? While I I was sitting there rocking that baby girl I just couldn't get over just how little new babies are. When I look at my little man I still think of him as a "baby," but compared to a newborn he is like a full grown kid. Today I realized it is true what they say, they really do grow up too fast and it happens right before your eyes without even noticing it.

 I can't remember how old the little man was when he lost that smell, and sadly I don't even think I noticed that it was gone. Looking back I can't believe I ever gave him a bath. Here he is at about 6 weeks old, I'm guessing it may have been gone by then.

I think hat's the benefit of having a second baby. It seems like with the first you are so ready for them to grow up to see them in all the different stages, and with the second you really get to take the time to enjoy every minute because you know nothing lasts forever. Sadly it seems as though that smell is the first to go, but man it sure is good while it lasts. 

Congratulations to the yummiest mummy I know, MM. Your baby girl is beautiful and is perfect in every way!

 I just know some of that amazing baby dust rubbed off on me today.