Shouldn't I Get a Bronze Coin or Something?

Today is the day people. Today marks the 30 day anniversary since my last purchase. Applause, cheers, standing ovation. I know,  I can hardly believe it myself. Thirty whole days. Thirty days of window shopping without buying. Thirty days of ignoring the Gilt sales. Thirty days of turning a blind eye to all the spring and summer fashions that have hit this month. Yes, thirty long days. 

In the end, I can't take all the credit. The weather has had a lot to do with my successful moratorium. It's just been so damn cold, so I haven't really needed any new clothes. Also, the amazing spread of summer/Maui clothes that I bought pre-moratorium has also contributed to my lack of desire for all things shiny and new. 

Now, that I have made it a full month it is now a challenge to myself  to see how long I can keep this thing going. They always say the first thirty days are the hardest, so I may have made it though the worst of it. Don't get me wrong it hasn't been easy. The only upswing to this recession is the amazing deals that can be scored out there in the fashion world. It really is crazy, at some places it seems like they are giving this stuff away. But my desire to save and appreciate what I already have, has pulled me though the tough times and I take pride in the fact that have been able to walk away empty handed (usually with a smile on my face.) 

I also must now confess that the last purchase that I made was the Maui Intermix items that I had been lusting after for so long. I got the dress, got the caftan, and the DVF bikini too. I told The Husband last night just in case he wanted to send it all back prior to the cutoff date for a full refund (never). After I mentioned that it had been thirty days since my beloved items somehow made their way to my house, and since I have been such a good girl ever since, he said they are now officially mine. Yay! 

My goal is to make it at least 90 days. May the force be with me. 

My name is Yummy Mummy and I may no longer be a shopaholic.