Separate Vacations.

I never would have believed it had you told me last week. Never. In fact, I still can't believe that the little man is doing so well without his "mama." Likewise, his "mama" is doing equally as well without her little man. Sure I miss the pee out of the little guy, but lounging by the pool all day definitely mutes any desire to run back home.

 The little man is having an amazing time soaking up all the love from his grandparents, while I am enjoying soaking up some much needed sun. Although it may seem premature, I think we may  have made it through our first separate vacations. 

All that's left now is to kick back and relax....what else is a mum on vacation to do?

Here I am lounging by the pool, doing what I do best.

My view of the 90 degree water.

Here is the little man enjoying his "vacation" at the children's museum.