Proper Plane Attire.

I've begun to think about packing for our upcoming trip. I can hardly believe it but we are already leaving on Saturday (gulp.) I finally have the perfect Maui/ Resort attire thanks to my early shopping, but I just realized that I am completely lacking the proper plane attire. 

This isn't the first time that I have run in to this problem, and I have determined that it is not my fault, but rather New England's fault. Really, what is one to wear when you are going from about 20 degree temps at 6am to 90 degree temps at 2pm all in the same day? Clearly layers are the way to go, but then by the end of the trip you have about 50 million pieces of clothing to remember (my good friend the Missus left her trench in SFO a few months ago due to this same problem.)

We have a 6 hour flight to San Francisco, and then another 6 hour flight to Maui, so comfort is a must. Right now I'm thinking my boyfriend jeans, gray T, white Mason vest, converse, and my trench sans winter warmer. Oh, and a gray and white striped cotton scarf. This way I can shed layers as we go and still look presentable at every stop. Now that I think about it I may also slip a pair of sandals in my bag so when that plane hits the ground I can officially start my vacation.

What  I won't be wearing is what Posh was recently spotted in on her way to catch a flight. 

Seriously, is she for real? That just can't be comfortable.