A Minor Slip.

I'm sure by now you have noticed that I haven't updated today's "days since YM's last purchase." Yea, well thats because I am now back to 1. 1 sad day. Although I ended up breaking a pretty amazing streak, this break was well worth it. Go big or go home they say, right?

Ok, so all winter long I have been lusting after a leather motorcycle jacket. LUSTING. Yesterday, on Gilt I found what my life has been missing. Enter the Tory Burch sale. This jacket retailed for 795 dollars. It was on sale for 308. I had quite a bit of gilt "credits" so it ended up being practically free. Well not free, but at least 80% off. 

Put it this way, if I was a leather jacket I would be this leather jacket. I woke up today with no remorse. In fact, the only emotion I felt was absolute confidence that I made the right choice. What's a girl to do when they are practically giving this stuff away?

Guess I'm back to working those twelve steps again. Ahhhhh but it was so worth it!