Life Update.

The in-laws are arriving in a few hours, which means that Yummy Mummy is currently in crazy, psycho, clean the house mode. Since I have limited time I figured this would be a good chance to give you a life update.
  1. Baby Number 2- I went to the doctor yesterday who doesn't seem to be too concerned that I haven't conceived in the past 5 months. Yea, well I'm concerned so we weren't exactly on the same page. She suggested I start tracking my cycle.In response I whipped out my excel spreadsheet. She then got the picture. The bottom line is that she can't really do or tell me anything. She is pretty sure that it has nothing to do with the miscarriage or D&E. She is, however, concerned that my ovulation days are pretty all over the place. Her first thought is that maybe I am not producing enough progesterone to support a pregnancy. When we get back from Maui I am going to begin having my blood work drawn throughout the next cycle to see if this whole thing may be hormonal. If there is no abnormality then she will refer me to a fertility clinic for the next level of tests. The Husband is hoping we don't get that far so he won't have to have a date with a plastic cup (yikes.) I'm just glad that we are now on their map and I feel like I am being proactive about this whole thing which gives me a lot less anxiety. 
  2. Nursery School- Application letters were sent today so I have been checking the mailbox every 15 minutes even though I know we won't hear until at least tomorrow. My friend who applied to a different school found out that she is in, so I'm psyched for them. Fingers crossed for us.
  3. Maui- Last night I began to panic about the fact that we are flying without the little man. Panic as in, oh my god what if the plane goes down and we leave him without parents? Totally irrational I know. Today I drafted a quickie will and confirmed that our life insurance policies are in place. Now I am again jumping out of my skin with excitement. I just can't believe in 5 days I am going to be sitting on the beach drinking cocktails. Yay!
  4. Shopping Moratorium- Hmmmmm minor slip. A gilt sale to good to be true. It's for fall so it doesn't really exist right? Details to follow when I break the news at home.
  5. My New Avatar- So I am totally a sheep and copied The Missus and Legally Brunette and made an avatar. Those of you who know me tell me what you think, does she look like me?
That's the quick and dirty of my week. I will let you know as soon as there is any news to report!