Boho Mama.

My sister has been here for the week and for some reason I seem to find myself constantly asking her, "do I look too Hippie in this?" No, I wasn't referring to my midsection, but rather to my new wardrobe which seems very, very, very (very, very, very) Boho in nature.

 I didn't set out to have such a wardrobe. I think I have just been buying quite a few pieces that I think would look awesome if I were to get knocked up (fingers crossed.) These roomy flowy shirts and dresses just happen to SCREAM boho-chic. Added to this, most of my items are purchased from my stylist at Intermix and really that is the style of the store at the moment (ahem, for the last year to be honest.)

My sister's response to my constant questioning. "Yes, yes you look like a boho mama, and you look awesome." "Shut up and own it."

Enter my newest accessory. 

How's that for owning it?

I was at Intermix this morning and fell absolutely in LOVE with one of these ornate headbands. It is now mine, and I plan on seriously rocking this all summer long (and fall, and winter.)

I guess I'm just a Boho mama.