30 Degrees In Maui?

On the only rainy day of our trip, the Husband thought that it was a good idea to climb the volcano. We all agreed to the 4 hour trip so long as we could bring some cold beers in the back, to which he happily acquiesced.

We drove and we drank, and we drove and we drank some more.....eventually reaching the top which to my surprise was only 30 degrees! Considering that it was about 80 at the bottom, this was quite the temperature swing. 

Our plans for a "hike" were quickly dismissed, but at least we got in some good pictures. If you are ever in Maui and have some time to kill, I highly recommend this trip. Just make sure you have a designated driver and some icy Heinekens. Oh, and a winter coat!

Here is the view from the bottom.

And the view from the top.

10,000 + feet in less than two hours, not bad.

Here we are freezing our butts off for a quick pic. 

A word to a wise, you get a bit drunker at high altitudes. This was something that Yum may have forgotten on the ride home. At least it made for a very interesting night!