This Kid Sucks.

From the very moment that the little man exited the womb he has loved to suck. It's actually a running joke in the family given that I did everything in my power in those early days to keep him off a Binky. 

I, like most first time mothers, had gone to a breast feeding class where they had brainwashed me into thinking that if my baby is given a Binky then he will never, never latch on. Well latch on he did, and he latched, and latched, and latched. You get the picture. After two days of me whining about the fact that my nipples were going to fall off the nurse finally said to me that I just needed to give my kid the damn Binky. This of course worked like a charm, and we have never looked back. I'm sure you have noticed a running trend in pictures on this blog, that the little man is never too far from his beloved passie

Now the little man is approaching 18 months and all I have been hearing lately is that it's time to give up the Binky. In fact most of the pressure seems to come from the pediatricians, but of course it also comes from other mothers who are quick to inform me that "he really should be giving that up soon." The thing is that I just don't see it as a problem. He likes it. He sleeps his ass off. His teeth are already jacked from it, and as a former finger sucker till the age of 12 I definitely think that this is the lesser of two evils. Therefore, when I am asked about our Binky situation by the doctor or a meddling mother, I simply lie. I say of course he has given it up, and the bottle too. Lie, lie, lie. He's my kid and if he likes to suck so be it.

However, I have tried to make the Binky a less prominent part of the little man's day. I rarely let him take it out of the house, and when he's home I try to keep them (all 20 or so) out of sight. Occasionally he will find one under the couch but the majority of the time he is good without them.Yea, that was until the other day. The little man was playing so nicely sans Binky with his new puzzle when this happened.

Yes, that is a puzzle piece and yes he sucked on it for about thirty minutes.

What can I say except.....This Kid Sucks?