Shopping Moratorium.

You heard it here first. I, Yummy Mummy, hereby impose a three month shopping moratorium on myself. Yep, myself

Why would I take such drastic measures? 

This is the first thing even The Husband asked. I think it's mainly because I am just all shopped out. This moratorium of course assumes that I have already purchased the items under Maui Wowi (wink) and would then forbid any future purchases until May 1. Even then the only purchase that I will approve would be the Birthday BV bag and wallet until the end of the Summer. Yes, I said the end of the summer.

Reading my blog you have certainly realized that I like to shop. Really, what fashionista in training doesn't? What I don't like is shopping just to obtain items. In fact I really hate having a lot of stuff, even if that "stuff" is some really amazing clothes. What I like is finding something that I love, something that I can't live without, something that says to me that it must be mine. That is how I get my shopping high. 

Recently, given the state of the economy there has been some amazing deals. Deals that even I couldn't turn down. All of a sudden I had so much new "stuff" that I felt as though I haven't been able to take the time to fully appreciate it all. This is mainly due to the fact that most of what I  recently purchased is off season. Don't get me wrong. I love the vest and gladiator sandals, all the Gilt pieces (sans Walter dress which didn't fit), and I certainly will love the Intermix pieces. I think what I need is just some time alone with them. 

I also have considered that the money that I save from my monthly alloted "shopping budget" (again self imposed) would easily cover the BV bag leaving the Husband with no real argument against its purchase. It would also aleviate any of the gilt usually comes after we make a big purchase that it just for my enjoyment. So win, win for me.

As with any rule there of course needs to be some exceptions. Here are mine.
  1. If I happen to get preggars I am going to need a white pair of maternity jeans for summer. I pop early so these may need to be purchased sometime in May.
  2. Agin if I am preggars I will need some maternity T's. These will come from the Gap and are a basic necessity.
  3. The little man needs a full summer wardrobe, although this isn't for me I do love shopping for him. However, he is largely outfitted by Old Navy so this won't put a huge dent in the wallet. 
So this will be my last "shopping" post for a while. I may even add a tracker just for fun so you can see if I am sticking to the plan. Of course there are going to be things I "lust" after which will need to be discussed, even if they will never grace my wardrobe.

I can do this, I can do this..............