The Girl I Hate That I Love.

If you are not a regular watcher of The City (based on the ratings most of the wold is not) than you will not have any idea who I am talking about. For you avid watchers, like me, I am hoping that some of you can share my pain. I am talking about my current loathing / loving of none other than Ms. Olivia Palermo.

Olivia probably has one of the worst personalities of anyone on television. It's not just that she is an uppity, entitled, snotty bitch, that I could live with.  The problem is that she is just also ccompletely void of any (ANY!) emotion and is really just a waste of space for the majority of the show. 

As luck would have it this internally ugly person is just so freaking beautiful on the outside. She has perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect skin, and an amazing sense of fashion. In short she has become the girl that I hate that I love. I mean look at her! Ugh it is just such a waste.

She is flawless. I love her "classic" look. She often has her hair tied back in an interesting chignon (which at the moment is my favorite "look") and is usually outfitted in modern yet tailored ensemble that always accentuates her amazing body. The girls over at WhoWhatWear daily (my favorite fashion blog) even made her their January Girl Of The Month (my ultimate goal in life.) 

It's all just not fair. I really really really want to hate her, yet I find myself pausing the DVR whenever she enters the screen. If I am really honest her 2 minutes an episode is probably the only reason I keep watching the damn show. Oh Olivia, I hate that I love you so.

ps. There is a rumor out there that says that the character Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl is based on Ms. Olivia. This only make me love/ hate her even more.