Danger Mouse.

Danger Mouse. This is the Little Man's new name. Why? Because this kid HAS NO FEAR!

When I say no fear, I mean no fear. The worst part is that The Husband aka The Father encourages any and all types of dangerous behavior (to a point of course). The Husband is an avid surfer/ snowboarder/ climber so he thinks that the Little Man aka his "Wild Man" is just following in his footsteps. I think they both just want to send mommy to an early grave.

Here is the Little Man's latest "trick." I will narrate what I know is going on inside that little brain of his.

"Look Mommy, I'm so cute in my little PJs having my morning toast. What a relaxing morning this is, I wonder how I can try to add some stress to it?"

"Hmmmmmm maybe I can climb in the sink, that looks like fun, I'm sure mommy won't mind."

"Weeeeee this is fun look at me, no feet! I know I'm only 17 months old, but hey this is cool and not dangerous at all!"

"Uh Oh.....can't. hold. on. any. more. Crashing to the ground........MOM HELP ME!"

This was of course followed by tears, more tears, and then........Yep, he did it over and over again. 

Yeah, we are going to have to get this kid a helmet.