Buy This NOW.

You know the saying about how you can only truly appreciate something when it's gone? Well that saying has never rang truer than when I ran out of my Clinique moisture surge face cream last night. I have only started using this product this year and I wasn't sure if I loved it. That was until I ran out of it. 

Cut to me walking up this morning to dry, flaky, and peeling skin. My face looked the way I fell after a 5 martini night (my head hurts just remembering those days.) You know the feeling, when you wake up and you are just so freaking thirsty. Like I could drink an entire swimming pool of water thirsty? Like you feel like you are licking the bottom of the Grand Canyon thirsty? Yea, well that's how my face felt. 

Luckily I had the sitter today and I was able to pick this up while I was running around town. I literally poured some on my face and immediately my skin is again hydrated and dewy. I again have the skin of a person who does not live in New England in February. Yes, that kind of skin. This stuff really is amazing and if you haven't tried it and you live anywhere north of the equator I suggest you run to your nearest department store and pick some up. It's inexpensive (relatively), oil free (a must for this acne prone mummy), and it's a gel so you can wear it at night and during the day under makeup. 

While you are at it might I suggest you buy two? No one wants to wake up to what I saw this one.