Blame the RMV.

No "real" bog post for YM today.

Why? The damn registry of motor vehicles.

Today I was shocked to find a ticket on my car that said that my registration had expired. No biggie I thought after I realized that it did in fact expire at the  end of the month. Yea, I was wrong, it's a real biggie. Apparently they did not send me a bill because there is a hold on our account for two parking tickets and one failure to pay excise tax. So much for the forwarding of my mail from our old address. I knew of NONE of this. After a 40 minute wait time I found out that the tickets are years old and only "just" popped up in the system, and I never got the bill for the excise tax. Bastards.

Most of this could be dealt with online, but of course not all of it, so as soon as the little man wakes up we are off in the middle of a snowstorm to:
  1. Get cash or a money order.
  2. Pay said parking ticket in neighboring town.
  3. Drop off receipt of said ticket at RMV in another town.
  4. Hopefully renew registration.
  5. Then write check for ticket that was received today.
Total money spent: 350. 
Total hours of my time wasted: 3.5.
Total times I have used the "F" word: Approximately 3050.

Yes, RMV you are officially on my shit list.


As of 2:50pm on Wednesday, yes Wednesday I am still dealing with this. The little man an I drove for an hour yesterday to pay the ticket and then went to the RMV where I was laughed at by the biggest bitch in the world for thinking I could take care of this is one day. Once the little man wakes up he and I are going back for round two. I spoke to my friend today who informed me that the RMV is no longer sending out renewal forms to try to raise more money. If people forget then they get revenue for tickets. Way to go Taxachusetts, you sure got me good.

Now on my shit list:

RMV, the DEVIL who works at the RMV, and Massachusetts the state which I call home.