A Real Foodie?

Recently the husband and I have been referring to ourselves as "Foodies."  The reason for this is twofold. 1) We love watching Top Chef on bravo, and 2) we have been exploring some amazing new restaurants on our Saturday date nights

Now when I say that we refer to ourselves this way, that is a solid we, as there is no way that we would ever qualify in the true sense of the word. 

My new found foodieism (new word) has inspired me to try to mix things up a bit from our same old dinner routine. Last night I was craving some sort of spicy lentil dish (no I'm still not pregnant.) After some quick online searching I came up with this super easy and super delicious lentil Dahl. 

Seriously, this whole dinner took about 40 minutes from start to finish and for 30 of it, it was just bubbling away in the pot. Even The Husband declared that I was a bona fide foodie!

Here are the delicious lentils cooking in my amazing new saucepan.

Another gratuitous shot of the pots (yes, I still love them as much as the day they arrived.)

I threw in some salad.

And a pre-made Naan (this one from Whole Foods was delish!)

Viola! Our new favorite dinner!

I'll be posting the recipe over in the "Yummy Mummy Recipe of the Week section." 

Bon Appetit!