Mere Mortals.

It has been said that Supermodels are nothing more than genetic mutants. Really, how else could someone end up that tall and that thin with such perfect hair and skin?
 I have my own theory. They are really just aliens from another planet sent here to force us all to try to attain some unattainable standard of beauty. 

Take Giselle for example. She's been quoted as saying that she doesn't have to wear foundation or even brush her hair. Guess what she gets for all that "effort"? Yea, to look like this.

And then there is Allesandra Ambrisio who looks like this 5 months after having a baby. I put in the "before" picture because I too do not believe it.

Hedi, yeah well she's had three kids prior to this photo being taken. 

The reason that I am mentioning this is that the word on the street is that Giselle has joined my gym. Now that she is supposedly engaged to Tom Brady (which of course she denies) I imagine she will be spending quite a bit of time there during football season.

OK, if I have to run on the treadmill next to this? Hmmm that's going to do wonders for a girl's self esteem. Really, shouldn't "these people" have their own gym. A gym for people with the same "abnormalities" as they have? 

I'm just saying, if I see her in my Yoga class I may just have to trip her.