Just One of Those Days.

Today I'm just having one of those days. You know the days where you are feeling a bit blue? I have no reason to be down and I certainly am not complaining. I'm just feeling like more of a Slummy Mummy than a Yummy Mummy. 

It started when I woke up this morning. I just knew it was going to be "one of those days." 
  • The little man, who usually wakes up with a big smile at 8:30am was screaming from his bed at 8am,  and these were not happy screams.
  • I went in and saw the "day after" injuries. It's unimaginable that it could look any worse, but it does. I can only describe it as if a dog chewed on his left cheek. I have so much guilt that I wasn't right there watching him when it happened and I think this is the main reason I am so down in the dumps. (This is not to say that I didn't totally appreciate all of your kind comments yesterday and they made me feel 10 times better to know I am not the only "Bad Mommy.")
  • The temperature started out at 22 and will be falling to the single digits by nightfall. Did I mention that I hate winter? It's supposed to stay this way all weekend with more snow. More? How much can a California girl take?
  • I took a much needed shower while the little man was talking his first nap. Given the deep freeze outside I thought I should blow dry my hair. As I was plugging in the blow dryer I was electrocuted. Like for real.  Like drop the blow dryer, my fingers still feel burnt (4 hours later), and my arm is shaky. I have NO idea what happened and it worked fine after, but it still scared the shit out of me.
  • The little man then woke up from his nap screaming and still in a bad mood. More Guilt. 
  • I went to the gym, tried to leave the man in kids club. Usually he blows me kisses. Today he screamed bloody murder. More Guilt.
  • At the gym I had to face the barrage of "oh my god what happened to his face?" To which I replied "he fell." To which everyone asked "how?" My answer, "I don't exactly know" which never goes over too well.
  • I went to Yoga only to find my usual instructor was again out and there was the same sub. The same sub who I knew would be there but I totally forgotten. The same sub who I didn't like at all on Monday.
  • The little man and I then left the gym and went for a walk through the Prudential Center. You should of seen the looks that people were giving me when they looked at his sweet little bruised face. Lots of guilt. Guilt followed by concern that DSS was going to come up to me at any minute and demand an explanation. 
  • Finally at 3:30 we arrived home. I put the little man down and now am curled up with my computer. Still feeling shitty. Hormonal almost (not going to get my baby hopes up this month so lets not go there.)
Like I said. There is certainly nothing wrong, and I'm sure tomorrow will be a better day. Today was just one of those days.