Hello Lover.

I know what I MUST have for my 30th birthday.

Seriously, MUST HAVE. 

The Missus posted a picture of this work of art last week on her blog and I cannot get them out of my head. 

I MUST have them. I repeat I HAVE to have them. 

The Husband gave me a solid "maybe."

This is a very good sign. Maybe almost always turns into, "hello, did you see my amazing new shoes?"

Yes, I know I got a new pair of Louies for my birthday last year, but again, I MUST HAVE THEM. 

To any family member out there I repeat. I MUST HAVE THESE. Any and all contributions would be greatly appreciated. 

Just in case there is any doubt. I MUST HAVE THESE. I absolutely refuse to get another year older without them.

Did I mention I MUST HAVE THEM?

I'll have you all know that I used the grab application to download these pictures and yes I found it on my computer and I figured out all by myself how to use the damn thing. That alone deserves a new pair of shoes doesn't it? I know just the pair..........