Has Anybody Seen This Dress?

I am so annoyed.

I am currently shopping resort collections for my march trip to Maui and I stumbled on the J. Crew website looking at bathing suits. That's when I found it. The perfect dress for my trip. Perfect, except it's not from J. Crew (go figure). Apparently it is the "model's own" says the J. Crew lady when I called to inquire. Um, since when do you advertise clothing on your website that is not your own freaking clothes?????

Well it seems they do and no, they wouldn't tell me the designer.

I am so annoyed.

What is even more annoying is that the picture is in flash so I can't even put the picture up here. 

I am now turning to you to help me find this dress. Someone must have seen it, somewhere. It has to be out there. 

So please, please, please, follow this link and help me find this dress!

PS. It's the yellow dress in the upper left corner.
PPS. I too initially thought it was DVF but after spending an hour searching the web I'm thinking it is possibly just a DVF look alike.