Carpenters and Kids Do Not mix.

Bob the Builder is clearly imaginary. 

Today is the last full day of "work" in My Dream Home, and thank God, it can't come any sooner. I repeat it CANNOT come any sooner.

You want an example? 

Today while I was showing the "finisher" (or the godfather in this case) the molding that I would like repaired we glanced over and what I saw literally took my breath away.  I would have taken a picture if I didn't fear for the life of my only child. 

So there was the little man, smiling at us, FROM THE TOP OF AN 8 FOOT LATTER.

Yes, the TOP.

He climbed up there and was very proud of himself. Once I scooped him off I nearly fell on the floor laughing. By the look on the contractor's face this was not the reaction that he was looking for. 

Did I mention how psyched I am that this is almost over?