Anniversary Weekend Recap.

Whew. This was quite the weekend for the Yummy Mummy. All of the anniversary celebrations have left me a little hung over and a lot tired! Despite that it was a great weekend!

Friday night our very good friends came over for dinner. We celebrated with raclette, a Swiss dinner (I think I have mentioned before that The Husband is a swissie?) that involves cheese and potatoes. An excellent combination. Throw in a few bottles of wine and a great night was had by all. 

Here is a picture of the table. Including the "grill" used to make the dinner. We were supposed to follow up the night with some chocolate fondue but after the 5000 calories we each consumed no one was interested in anything other than their bed.

Here is a picture of our boys playing so nicely together. 

Saturday was our big date night. We had quite the plan. We were going to go to Upstairs on the Square for drinks. Harvest for dinner, and L.A. Burdick for desert. Given the blizzard that was expected to begin at the same time we were exiting our house this was quite ambitious. 

We arrived to Upstairs on the Square only to find that the bar was closed for a private party (can they do that?) I was fairly annoyed, but given the sub zero temps we decided to get a before dinner drink over at Harvest where we were having dinner. This ended up being the best call of the night as it started snowing as soon as we began our short walk. 

Harvest was great. I really liked the bar. The only thing that turned me off was that there were two flat screen TVs showing football. Kind of ruined the mood, but I get that it is playoff season so what can you do? Dinner was excellent. We were seated by the fire and everything was divine. We started with a dozen oysters. I had the Rib Eye and The Husband had the Hake. We drank we laughed and at one point The Husband leaned over and said that if I really wanted the Louboutins, then they are mine. Um hello, did I not mention I MUST HAVE THEM? So yes, honey I will be ordering them as soon as I finish this post and yes, this was the high point of the evening.

We then decided to head over to L.A. Burdick arriving at 9:59pm. You guessed it. They close at 10 so we were SOL. We then cruised over to Whole Foods through some pretty heavy snow in search of a cupcake and alas they were closed too. Luckily our neighbors were having a party downstairs so I popped by for a glass of wine and found some cookies (did I ever mention how much I love dessert?) 

All and all it was a great weekend. I was very impressed with my outfit that I pulled together at the last minute. So impressed that I had The Husband take some pics for you all to see. 

Here I am dong my best Gwyneth Paltrow impression. 

I love this La Rok jacket. I usually wear it with jeans, but I thought the tuxedo look went well with the ensemb. 

Jacket Off. 
It's hard to see but the shoes are patent leather round toe platforms (Marc by Marc Jacobs.) They looked great but were very slippery as we ran all over town.

Thanks for all your anniversary wishes. I'm off to a much needed nap.