Yummy Gift Idea.

There are two things I love more than life; my little man and Starbucks coffee. This yummy gift idea combines these two loves. When I get my coffee I always use personal mug. I love it for three reasons. One, it is better for the environment,  two it keeps your drink hot or cold no matter what the temperature is outside, and three it keeps it from spilling all over your outfit as you walk (or your new Burberry trench if you are as lucky as me).

A few months ago I was so excited when I saw that Starbucks was now carrying a line of personal mugs that could be, well personalized. I immediately raced home and created an amazing mug covered in pics of my little man. This idea soon caught on and I made another mug for my sister. 

I realized that I must be on to something when I saw all my other yummy mummies making about a dozen mugs for themselves and for their families (the perfect stocking stuffer). I'm not kidding when I say dozens.....really at this point Starbucks should be giving some commission on these things. 

Since I am never one to hold anything back from you all, I figured you should be in on this too! These really are a great gift, you can do pictures of anything and you can totally mix them up.

There are two tricks to making the perfect mug, however. The first is after you make your collage you should color copy it as the pictures won't fit in if there is any overlapping. The second is to make multiple copies and give them as well so if any water gets in they can just swap them out. 

If you throw a charged up Starbucks card inside you can have the best gift for even the pickiest of people on your list.

Just don't go looking for a mug in downtown Boston, I think my mummies snagged them all up!