Pregnancy Watch 08'

I figure I have about 4-7 days until I know whether or not I am officially knocked up. Until then I plan on turning my blog into a vigil where we can all patiently (ya right!) wait. Here is my list of updated symptoms.
  1. Still can't stop eating. Like CANNOT STOP EATING. Here is what I consumed today. One decaf (for baby's sake) peppermint soy mocha. 2 pieces cinnamon sugar toast. One HUGE bowl of pasta covered in mozzarella and basil with tomato sauce. 1/2 bag white cheddar soy chips, and 2 chocolate chip cookies. Oh yea, and it's only 4:30pm. I CANNOT STOP. If I am not preggars I am going to have some serious hell to pay in the gym next month.
  2. Looking fuller. Especially in my belly. Yes, this likely has to do with the massive amount of food I'm consuming, but I sear it is lower than that. Like my uterus is bigger if that is even possible this early. 
  3. I am freaking exhausted. I have not been able to stay up past 9 for the last week and am continuing to pass out on the couch.
  4. Boobs have jumped almost a cup size. Always a good thing. 
  5. Skin is a hormonal hot mess. I have a pimple under my eyebrow the size of my eye. Who even knew there were pores there?
  6. I still am looking at nurseries. Pink nurseries.
  7. Yesterday afternoon, and again this morning I was crazy nauseous. Always a good sign.
Never being one to patiently wait (understatement of the year) I have of course taken pregnancy tests. I bought a four pack on sale and I am hoping not to have to go back for more. I took one yesterday and today and both were negative. I know it's too early so I may skip tomorrow and start up again this weekend.

I of course will be keeping you updated....................................