Lucky Number Seven

Inspired by That Girl, my oversees sister from another mother, here is Yummy Mummy's Lucky Seven. Now I know I'm supposed to focus my festive seven, but given that I've got baby on the brain I'm thinking I can take some artistic freedom.

7 Things I've Been Doing Instead of Preparing for Christmas.
  1. Shopping for nurseries even though baby status is still unknown.
  2. Yelling at my contractors who are still working in my apartment on a daily basis.
  3. Reading all of your blogs and loving the Christmas posts.
  4. Trying to plan a vacation for January when the thought of flying with the little man makes me want to vomit.
  5. Obsessing about whether I purchased the right pair of glasses.
  6. Trying to teach the little man who is boss. I keep telling myself I am bigger, I am stronger, and damnit I am smarter, I will not let a 15 month old beat me.
  7. Taking pregnancy tests. With the little man I took 6. Baby #2, 11. As of now I have only taken one. Negative of course, but it is still a week early.
7 Christmas Wishes.
  1. That everyone stops losing their homes.
  2. That Barak Obama does everything he said he would do.
  3. That I will be a less stressful mommy in the New Year.
  4. That I am able to maintain healthy friendships and relationships.
  5. That I am knocked up. (duh)
  6. That I finish my book. Yep, still stuck in Chapter 2.
  7. That the little man decides that yes, I am the boss. (I think I probably have a better chance of finishing the book).
7 People/ Couples I Would Invite For Christmas Dinner.
  1. My sister Holly. We had her here all summer and I miss the crap out of her.
  2. A babysitter to run after the little man. 
  3. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin and kids (come on wouldn't you want to spend the night with them?)
  4. Kirby from lipstick jungle (please I dream about the guy every night so I might as well feed him).
  5. Martha Stewart (someone has to cook).
  6. Brad and Angie (they seem to be very fertile, I'm hoping they would have some tips).
  7. Emily Giffin and Hubby (to help me figure out how to get this damn book published).
7 Favorite Christmas Movies.
  1. Love Actually
  2. the Holiday
  3. Miracle on 34th Street (new and old)
  4. You've Got Mail (not really a Holiday movie but has Christmas scenes)
  5. August Rush (ditto)
  6. Home Alone
  7. Family Man
7 Reasons I Not So Secretly Want a Girl.
  1. The clothes are so much better. Has anyone seen true religion jeans in a size 2. So adorable!
  2. Boys are wild. Especially ones who climb. We've already got one, I'm all set.
  3. I love pink.
  4. My boy may eventually love another woman more than me, most girls won't.
  5. I would love a little blond carbon copy of myself.
  6. Her big brother would be there to keep her in check.
  7. Did I mention I love pink?
7 Reasons Why I Would be So OK With a Boy.
  1. 2 brothers would be too cute. I could refer to them as "the boys."
  2. We already have everything for boys.
  3. It would be such a space saver to have them share a room.
  4. The little man would have someone to play rough with other than me.
  5. My husband really wants another boy.
  6. We have the best name picked out (clearly as referenced above.)
  7. Boys are usually bigger which means you lose more weight faster (I know, not really but since I really want a girl I am at a loss for number 7).
7 Things I Want For Christmas (since I already got the trench I have to be creative here).
  1. The little man to say I love you.
  2. The little man to say please.
  3. And thank you while we are at it.
  4. To sleep in on Sundays.
  5. A new set of pots and pans.
  6. My new glasses (tbd in a detail full post)
  7. um did I mention a baby?
I don't have 7 other bloggers since most have already been tagged but please feel free to share any of your lucky seven here!