If You Were Stuck On A Deserted Island.......

You know that game that goes, "if you were stuck on a deserted island what are the five things you would bring?" Well yummy mummy had her very own version, airport style, on Saturday. Let me give you the story. 

We were on our way back from a very long week of Thanksgiving festivities. We had made very good time during our 3 hour drive back from the country. Such good time that yummy mummy had the brilliant idea that rather than going through security myself I would wait and return the rental car with the Husband, that way he could help me and the little man through. Great idea right? Um, not so great. Returning the rental car took much longer than expected and by the time we got to the check in line we had 46 minutes before the scheduled flight. I know flights close 45 minutes before takeoff so I was relieved. That sense of relief lasted about 10 seconds. Yep, you guessed it, they had already closed the flight. One minute early.

Cut to me. Frantic. Even more frantic when they told me my only option was to fly standby for a flight that was 6 hours later. Tears, lots of tears. Then screaming. Then hysterical begging. More tears. Eventually I was directed the to the woman who closed the flight. After 10 more minutes of tears she had a solution. I could fly standby for my flight, the only catch my bag could not get on the plane. My 50lb shared bag. The bag that contained almost every piece of clothing that Liam and I own. The bag that had our life in it. That bag.

Luckily my husband was flying to Chicago for a meeting and had yet to check in for his flight. I made the decision, we would take the flight he would take the bag. This decision left me with literally 3 minutes to pull out every single thing that we would need for 5 days. The only catch? It all had to fit in my already full diaper and carry on bags. 

Here is what I grabbed.
  1. Little Man's music box (he can't sleep without it so this was numero uno).
  2. 1 pair converse sneakers (luckily I was wearing my boots).
  3. 2 ovulation kits (yes two, I want to get it right this time).
  4. 2 bottles for little man.
  5. 2 pairs of flannel jammies for little man.
  6. Macbook power cord and Blackberry power cord.
  7. 3rd and 4th book in the twilight series (my new obsession that deserves its own post).
  8. Makeup bag (leaving behind every lotion and face related product)
Here is what I wish I grabbed.
  1. Toothbrush.
  2. Deodorant.
  3. A pair of jeans (I was wearing leggings and forgot all 5 pairs were packed).
  4. Yoga pants (this is going to make today's class interesting).
  5. Tweezers. Just looked at my eyebrows in the mirror and realized tweezers would have been nice.
Luckily I am not on a deserted island but rather back in the big city so a number of these things can be bought. I think I did pretty good considering my stress level. We made it to the plane overflowing bags in hand just minutes before takeoff. The surprise of the day was that the woman who got me on the plane apparently felt so bad for me that I was given a seat in business class, making our flight much smother. 

Needless to say I now hate traveling with the little man. No matter how hard we try it seems as though nothing goes our way. I'm thinking that maybe we should ground ourselves until I can reason with the little guy. I know, not likely to happen but for now we are happily home and anxiously awaiting the Husband's return Wednesday with our luggage in tow. 

Hope everyone had a nice holiday and much less stressful travels.