Hello Mommy Brain.

I am almost embarrassed to share this story with you. 


Yesterday my back hurt. All morning long, it was bothering me. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. Every time I would sit down I would get this shooting pain up my spine. What the hell I thought? Could I have possibly overdone it in Friday's killer Yoga class? Did I pinch a nerve? Why is this only happening when I sit down? This was my inner dialouge throughout the morning.

Then I began to seriously question whether I should even go to my usual Sunday Pilates class. The Husband was aching for some lab time and I really needed a break from the little man so I decided to drag my arse to the gym. During the drive there my back began to hurt again. I realized that it wasn't so much a shooting pain in my lower back as it was a constant pinching. This is not good I thought to myself. 

I finally made it to the gym and ran in a few minutes before class started. I thought maybe some mat time would help to get out whatever was bugging me. I laid on my back and began rolling like a ball and OMG the pain was back. Now I was getting annoyed. I finally reached down thinking maybe there was a tag in my new yoga pants that could have been the culprit. Could i really have forgotten to remove it? This was a definite possibility. There was no tag, but do you know what had been hiding in the waistband of my pants all morning?

A freaking Binky. 

I must have taken it away from the little man and given that there are no pockets in my pants I stuck it in my waistband where he couldn't get it. Every time I sat down the rubber would pinch my skin.

Yes, I am an idiot. Hello Mommy Brain. It has been awhile since you last visited (see car accidents #1 and #2). At least this time I didn't need a trip to the repair shop.