Celebrity Facebook Stalking.

I found something to take my mind off of the whole pregnant/not pregnant thing. It's completely random and a total waste of time, but at the same time I'm having so much fun. I'm thinking the title of this post gave it away, but in case you haven't guessed by now....my new obsession is:

Getting celebrities to "friend" me on Facebook.

This is how the whole thing happened. I love facebook. Love finding old friends, love reconnecting...yada yada yada. Now that I am pretty much "friends" with pretty much everyone who I have ever met (only about 110, sad I know) the fun of facebook has lost its initial excitement. That was until I friended an old friend from High School who happens to be friends with 2 C/D list celebs. I was curious to see what would happen if I sent them a friend request.

As expected, within the hour, I too was friends with Jason Lee (the actor) and Sal Masakela (TV personality). I actually know Sal from back in the day, but he never would have remembered me. Now that I am their friends they have opened me up to their 800 plus friends (each) some of whom are B/C list celebs themselves. Just for fun I have sent out some requests to see what happens. 

On another front a friend of mine from back in the day is related to none other than LO from "The Hills." I sent out a request to her and I'm wondering how long it will take me to infiltrate the entire cast. Soon I could be getting updates on Justin Bobby's status, or writing on Spencer and Heidi's wall. A girl could only dream (insert sarcastic tone here).

Clearly my being friends with pseudo celebrities is only an indication of their own narcissism, but what fun!

I keep you posted on how far to the top of the celebrity food chain I get. I'm not resting until I am friends with at least one person from Beverly Hills 90210. I'll even settle for someone from the new season.