Now I Know Why Some People Don't Have Kids.

Last night I attended my first blogger event (which I will discuss in detail tomorrow) and I was having a wonderful time when all of a sudden I began to feel violently ill. Like the day after New Year's Eve ill. At that very moment I my phone began to vibrate and my poor husband said, "oh my god, the little man is sick, there is vomit and shit everywhere." You guessed it. We both had the stomach flu and spent most of the night and a good part of today taking turns getting sick. Blessedly my husband was able to come home early from work, because I have now learned the hard way that there is nothing worse than taking care of a sick child when you are sick yourself. 

At this point I can hardly sit and just typing hurts. I am hoping we are going to be to be back in better shape tomorrow. For now we are all going to bed. At 7pm. Yes, there is a God.