Martha Martha Martha

In honor of all things celebrity, I would like to give a shout out to my favorite celebrity, former boss and hero Martha Coakley. Martha is currently the Attorney General of Massachusetts and is likely to be the next Senator, or Governor, or both. She is also the most fabulous woman I have ever seen. 

Martha manages to mix Manolos and politics in a way that poor Hillary Clinton could have never dreamed. Not only do we share a love of Louboutins, but we also share the same hair dresser (there is a funny story here that one day I will share with you.) Really, Martha is the most amazing person I have ever seen up close, and to say I went to law school just to work for her is not an understatement.

The reason I mention Martha is that today she is arguing before the Supreme Court of the United States. For any lawyer this is a dream and knowing Martha I'm sure she was flawless in dress and more so in argument. From her you can expect nothing less. Congratulations Martha.