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If I See One More Load of Laundry I May Die!

Day 2 of what will soon be known as the stomach flu tsunami of 2008. The little man and I are feeling much better and I think we are slowly making a turn back to normalcy. What is not normal? The massive amount of laundry that has piled up from the last two days (yes, only two days!) I just finished load eight and I think I am getting carpal tunnel from all the folding. Luckily, I have uncovered one benefit to having a sick baby; two now that I think about it. The first is the massive amount of snuggles that I have been on the receiving end of. Seriously, my little man has never been cuddlier, and after our 30 minute session this morning I almost died and went to mommy heaven. The second is the sleep. My little man can't seem to get enough of it, which has given me plenty of time to try to recover myself and, of course, do more laundry.....

Why I Blog.

Now I Know Why Some People Don't Have Kids.