I See Babies.

Remember when that creepy little kid from The Sixth Sense said, "I see dead people?" Well I am now that creepy little kid. Except I don't see dead people. I see babies. Not babies, actually, rather pregnant women. Pregnant women everywhere

This has been happening to me ever since we lost the baby. I imagine that it is a given when this happens, but the sightings are just getting stronger rather than decreasing as I expected. It certainly doesn't help that 3 of my five best friends are all expecting babies in the very near future. But it's not just them I see, I'm telling you pregnant women really are everywhere. It's like an outbreak. Or quite possibly I really am just losing my mind?

It doesn't bother me that the world is pregnant and I am not. (we are certainly giving it the old college try, and I expect to be in the baby way very soon) it's just that I can't help noticing. Today I was in Yoga (thank god the Yoga twit stayed home) and I saw one of the usual yummy mummies that I always run into at the gym. We haven't seen each other in a few months, and I couldn't help noticing all through class that her infamous 6 pack (more like a twelve pack, and yes I hate her too) was now a bit rounder in in the middle. I actually didn't just notice it; I stared at it. The entire class. I don't think she noticed, or at least I hope she didn't. She was so clearly pregnant and I just couldn't turn away. I then began eying all the women, and I became convinced that they were all pregnant. All of them. Odds are that none of them were pregnant and it was just a case of too much Halloween candy, but throughout the whole class I couldn't stop staring. 

I find myself doing this at the park, grocery, play group, etc...you name it I'm staring. I can't remember if I did this when I was trying to get preggars with the little man, knowing myself I imagine that I did, but I wonder when my obsession began to wain. Maybe when I got the positive test? I'm guessing this will be the only way to stop my current obsession. That or maybe a visit from Bruce Willis? 

Worked for that freaky ghost seeing little kid.