I Cannot Believe You Are Seeing Me Like This.

"I cannot believe that you are seeing me like this," that is what I said this morning with my mouth agape. Please allow me to explain.

Everyday, like clockwork, the little man and I take a walk to the Starbucks in our neighborhood. We load him up on his little trike and we walk the 5 or so blocks to get my beloved Grande Soy Latte (in a personal cup of course.) I usually don't pay much attention to my appearance during this morning jaunt, and today was no exception. Except today was much much worse. 

I decided to do laundry early today so at the last minute I threw in my last pair of juicy sweats, and for good measure my last hoodie. I lieu of my early morning uniform I grabbed an old pair of sweats from my pregnancy days (last time I wore them I weighed 30lbs more and they seem to be stuck in that shape.) I then put on my husbands fleece and after checking the temp I threw on my puffy vest. Hot mess pretty much sums up this ensemble, but it gets worse.

The hot and cold weather has done a number on my skin and it has left my completion looking like that of a 14 year old going through puberty. That bad. Last night I tried out a rejuvenating face mask and the remnants were still rejuvenating in my hair line. Rather than washing them away I pulled my hair back and prayed that I didn't see anyone I knew. I'm not that lucky.

The minute the little man and I steered our way into the bucks who did we run into but my very good friend legally brunette. Rather than saying hello, I say, "I cannot believe you are seeing me like this." Thank god it was a friend and not someone I used to work with. Being a stay at home mom I forget that there is a world out there and I could run into anyone from my past life at anytime. It was a good reminder that I should make sure to take just as much care in my appearance as used to. Even if it is just for a dash to Starbucks. Don't think I'm going to go crazy, no blow outs and full makeup here, but at a minimum I will wash my face, brush my teeth, and no more pregnancy clothes, at least until I am actually pregnant.