Home Sweet Home.

And we made it. Barely.

All of your good wishes must have done the trick.

  1. Obama won. I can hardly believe it's true. I am so proud of America. I can just feel the change and for the first time I have so much hope for the next four years. His victory speech was so inspiring and he is so passionate I just know (hope) he can do all that he has promised.
  2. My Blackberry began working two hours before the dreaded flight. I want to thank everyone for their tips! Here is what worked. I took the battery and sim card out and put the oven on 150 for five minutes.  I then let the phone sit in the oven while it was off for 3 hours. When I put it back together it magically turned on and I haven't had a problem since. In case that doesn't work my mom said that if you put it in a Ziplock back with dry rice, sealed, overnight it should also absorb the moisture.
  3. The flight. Not so bad. Not so good but not so bad. What was good? The little man didn;t cry the entire flight. Not once. What was bad? He didn't sleep. At all. We played, we read, we snuggled, we watched cartoons, we did not, however, sleep. The little man was not concerned about this. He had taken 6 hours worth of naps during the day so he was able to hang in there. I on the other hand did not. We arrived to Boston and the little man wanted to party with his daddy. I wanted to die. he slept all day. I took a quick nap and then jetted to the hairdressers. Then to the Dr., then to get an oil change, then to the grocery. Last night I was the walking dead. We both went to bed super early and after 11 and 14 ours of sleep (me being the 11, little man 14) it was like it never happened. After the hellish trip over I can't really complain.
  4. Today.........I got the trench!!!!! This clearly deserves it's own post (probably multiple posts) and as soon as it comes back from it's custom tailoring (free btw) I will tell you all about it. Until then you will have to remain in suspense of which one yummy mummy chose. Let's just say you might be surprised!!!!
I can't thank all of you enough for your well wishes, and your savvy fashion advice!