A Brush With Celebrity?

Today the little man and I traveled up to Los Angeles to the uber trendy Robertson Boulevard to visit one of the yummiest mummies I know, A.D. A.D. also happens to be one of my very good friends from Boston. She and her adorable son F.D. moved out west last July, and today reminded me of just how much we miss them. It really is amazing the friendships that are formed between mommies who are raising their babies together. You never forget those who were there with you from the beginning. Listening to the tales of breast feeding, (or lack of) sleepless nights, diaper rash, etc. Short of one of us moving across the country in the next few months, our friendship will have to remain bi-costal.

Today we had the perfect day out. We had a great lunch at a nearby cafe (with no wait!) and then went celebrity seeking on Robertson. Except for a few paparazi we came up with nothing, and I soon realized that said celebs had most likely moved onto somewhere else. We then ventured to a nearby park and made friends with some of the locals. In LA everyone looks like someone so who knows maybe we were in the company of stardom. 

Turns out we were the only celebrities (even if in our own mind.) I did, however, get a very cool parking permit which made me officially part of the 90210 (Yep, that's really the zip code in Beverly Hills). We then had a very long ride down the 405 and the little man passed out an hour earlier than usual tonight.

Thanks for the great day A.D.!