And The Winner Is.........

I have been literally jumping out of my skin to announce to you the winner of TrenchGate 2008. The votes were close (55% to 45%) and even as I was handing over my MasterCard I was having my doubts. Did I make the right choice? I wasn't sure. Wasn't sure until picked up my amazing new trench. Did I say amazing? Without further ado the winner is.......drum roll please.

The *IvyBridge*

Like any good story there is, however, a twist. My initial problem with the IvyBridge was that the length seemed a bit to overpowering. I was concerned about wearing the trench with kneee high boots (my favorite.) It all seemed to be a bit too much. That was until the fabulous Lori at the Newbury Burberry explained to me that there was such a thing as (free) custom tailoring. Within minutes I was pinned and tucked and I had the makings of an amazing piece that I know I will be wearing well into the next decade.

I made the following alterations. I had 2 inches taken off the length so the trench hits right above my knee (super cute with skinny jeans.) I went for my exact size rather than going for a size up which they recommend. This made the jacket look much more tailored. I still wanted to wear sweaters under it (this is New England) so I had the buttons moved about an inch over which gave me more room. What this also gave me is perfection. 

I picked up my new baby on Friday and I almost didn't want to open it. The packaging was so pretty that I had to share some pics with you.

HELLO LOVER!  (This was my first wear. Not the best look. I soon found the Trench looks more tailored if fully buttoned. Buy hey, you get the idea.)

Here is how I spent the weekend with my new favorite item.

Friday: I paired the trench with black zippered leggings, my Qi cashmere sweater, and Tory Burch Flats for lunch in the North End.

Friday Night: Trench, J Brand skinny jeans, black sheer ruffled blouse, black patent leather Marc Jacobs round toe platforms for a night of bar hopping with friends. Clink followed by the Mandarin Oriental, followed by Saint (don't ask).

Saturday: Trip to Whole Foods with the fam. Trench, black juicy sweatpants, white hoodie, white Converse.

Sunday: Pilates. Trench with lulu yoga pants and top.

Sunday Night: Wore trench to bed, paired with flannel Pj's. HAHA just kidding. Didn't quite go that far. Almost, but not quite!

As you can see I am one very satisfied customer!!!!