Zits and Braces? Oh My!

Why do I love Carrie Bradshaw? Let me tell you. I love her style, I love that she chain smokes, I love that she drinks too much, I love her string of unhealthy relationships, I love that she is not afraid to drop the "F Bomb" in any situation, I love her independence. In short, I love her because she is an adult.This is why I was horrified to hear that Candace Bushnell's next series of books is going to feature Ms. Bradshaw as a teenager (insert open mouth gasping here.) Why? Really, why? 

Why would we want anyone want to relive those awkward teenage years (God knows I don't)? Why would I want my style icon to also have to relive those years (yes, I realize she is not real.) What, are we going to see her in some terrible 70's/ 80's outfits, hanging around her locker, with bangs, braces, and zits, sneaking out of homeroom? Again I ask why?

It's one thing to watch your favorite character grow up, it's quite another to watch them grown down. Obviously, I will read the first book to give it a chance. This is the woman who created Sex and the City for christ sake. But unlike One Fifth Avenue (which btw is amazing) I can promise you that I wont be pre-ordering with rush delivery this book from Amazon (yes I'm the girl who does that). Further, I recognize that I am not the one who should be given out literary advice given that my "novel" currently consists of three paragraphs (three great paragraphs if you ask me.) But, as an avid fan, I must say I have my doubts. Here's to hoping that that I am wrong.