Winter Wonderland.

As the temperature continues to drop here in New England, my end of summer depression begins to rise. While I love fall clothes, I hate those cold, windy, and snowy days. Worse, I hate trying to figure out what to dress my little man in on those cold, windy, and snowy days. This year I have a plan. Layer, layer, layer. Think T-Shirt, cozy corduroys, flannel, with one of those super fuzzy ski sweaters on top. 

This still leaves me with the problem of what to put on top and bottom. After hours of Internet shopping, problem solved. I found the cutest Patagonia jacket and baby Uggs that will allow my man to spend hours on end at the park without risking any of his perfect little body parts to frostbite. Now if the same could be said for his mom we would really be in business