Rock The Vote!

I am officially undecided. Not about the election, I have never been more sure of anything (Go Obama!) But rather, what length of trench to purchase! This is serious people. There I was yesterday, standing in Burberry with option A and option B and I was utterly and completely at a loss. Completely

The first option is the IvyBridge. It hits just below the knee, is double breasted, and is completely traditional.

Option B is the Littlemore. This is a more modern take on the trench. Single breasted, with a dressier silhouette, hitting below mid thigh. 

You can clearly see the positives and negatives in both. I am so torn, and since I can't get both (sadly) I have to make a tough decision. 

I want this coat to last forever, to be my staple item, to be associated with my identity. This idea has me leaning towards the IvyBridge. I do, however, recognize that I am only 29 and the shorter Trench has a much more modern youthful feel. Again, totally at a loss.

I need your help. I am going to post a poll at the top of my blog. Please vote and vote often. At the end of the month (before it gets too cold) I hope to have a better idea of which direction I should go. So put your fashion hats on and help a yummy mummy out!