Pray For Me.

Never one to take my own advice Yummy Mummy is again traveling with the little man. Across the Country. The entire Country. Alone. Oh dear god, please help me! We are off to California, to show the little guy off to my side of the family. Let's be real. It's 82 degrees and sunny all week. How could we pass up such an opportunity?

So we are packed and ready to go. Having learned from my past misadventures, here are the things I am doing differently this time.
  1. The man has his own seat. $400 is a small price to pay to lock him down.
  2. I packed lightly. 1 week, I bag...for both of us! (never mind it is a huge bag)
  3. I bought some of those nifty wheels for the car seat. That way I can check the stroller and wheel him through the airport, rather than carry his 24lb tush.
  4. 2 carry ons. 1 for the Mac, one for everything else.
  5. Our flight is 5:30pm, and lasts 6 hours. If all goes according to plan he should be sleeping for the entire way (yes, I realize I am in complete denial and am really just fooling myself.)
Here is what I have working against me.
  1. Taxi is 15 minutes late.
  2. Little man is still sleeping.
  3. Pilates class yesterday was more of an ab boot camp. Not only can I not laugh, or lift anything, breathing is also extremely difficult bordering on impossible.
Pray for me. Seriously. Pray for me.