My Most Stylish Accessory.

How is it possible that my husband, yes my husband, managed to pic out what has become my most stylish accessory?? I know you are on the edge of our seat, so I won't keep you in suspense of what it could possibly be.........what else but my MacBook Pro OF COURSE! 

The other night I was watching Sex and the City, the movie (aka best movie ever) when Ms. Carrie Bradshaw went to type on her computer, it was of course a MacBook Pro. OMG I gasped. Then today I was watching The Rachel Zoe Project (my new obsession) on my TiVo and when she went to look for herself in the gossip columns she too went to her MacBook Pro. Are you kidding me?? I have the same computer of debatably the two most stylish women in the world? (living of course) To top it all off I was watching my other fave Lipstick Jungle, and Mrs. Nikko Riley the most stylish character of them all was, of course, using my computer. I can hardly believe it myself!

What amazes me is that I didn't even pick it out (shocking I know)! My amazing hubby did. I just begged and begged for a computer, he was the one who though that I needed the most stylish computer currently on the market. Way to go babe! Add that to the list of why I married you!

I now am a bit obsessed with finding other celebrities who surf the net on this beautiful piece of machinery. I keep you posted. We know yummy mummy will be at the top of that list!