They say that wrapping yourself in that perfect cashmere sweater is like getting a hug from you best friend. If that is the case I would like to introduce you to my five new BFFs (4 actually, one was purchased last spring on sale; but has yet to be worn.) Having made the upgrade from wool to cashmere can only be compared to when we upgraded our old hand me down Mazda with 160,000 miles to a super comfy new Prius (with a warranty). Yea, it's been that good.

 I have a feeling we are going to get more than a few miles out of this friendship. 

My Favorite!
Jamison "Cashmere Hooded Throw Cardigan"

Qi Cashmere "Cowl Neck Kimono Top"

French Connection "Lofty Knit Wrap"

C&C Cashmere "Jolie Cardigan"

Nola & Scout "Wool/Cashmere Shrug"

I'll be paring these with my favorite fall purchase my new J Brand 912 skinny jeans.
Seriously, staying so warm never looked or felt so good.