Am I Boring?

Please don't answer that.

I was leafing through my stack of unread magazines the other day and I saw a write up of the new Kate Moss perfume, and given my slight obsession for Kate I starting thinking to myself, I totally need that. But wait, I thought, I have worn the same perfume since I was 15 years old. Really I have. I remember the day I borrowed it from my friend L.M. and thought it was the most amazing smell in the entire world. Ever since that day I have been an Allure girl, never once deviating from what has become my "signature"" smell. I literally have boxes of the stuff under every sink in the bathroom. I always thought that the fact that I wore the same perfume made me "classic," but now I'm wondering if it just makes me boring.

This also has made me question other routines in my life. I wear the same makeup every day. Same Chanel Foundation, Same Benefit Cheek Stain, Same Dior Highlighter, and of course the Same DiorShow Mascara. Every day the same. No deviation. If I'm going out I throw on some eyeshadow and eyeliner, but that 's it. I've always envied those girls who will sport the red lip to go with their simple black dress. Or the ones who will try out the season's "must have" eyeshadow. I buy them, but never wear them. I guess I'm not "that girl."

Truth is I like my routine, and I like that I know what looks good and what smells good on me I would, however, like to spice up my regime. Even if it's just a little bit. Maybe I will get that Kate Moss perfume and one day when I am feeling especially spicy I will add a couple of sprays to my look. Who knows maybe it will make me a little more like Kate, and we can all agree on one thing; Kate is anything but Boring.