Slow News Week?

Lets see, I've been down here in my little Central American heaven for close to two weeks now and I just realized that I have been completely out of touch with all things celebrity. Which makes writing a blog post about said celebrities downright impossible. I figured it has been too long since I have seen any "real" news and I decided to do some research. I hit all the usuals, TMZ, Perez Hilton, even US Weekly's website.

Do you know what I found? Nothing. Absolutely nothing of any "real" importance has happened since I have been away. No heidi, lauren cat fight, no Brittney Spears 5150 hold, not even a good celebrity birth (unless Minnie Driver is still considered a celebrity? Really, name the last movie she was in.) What is everyone else on vacation too?

If I was in the states at least I would have my Tivo'd favorites like gossip girl and the new 90210 to comment on. But given my current jungle state I am at a loss. Please, please, please feel free to send me any breaking stories. A girl can only go so long.