A Sad Week For Yummy Mummy.

I realize at this point you probably thought that yummy mummy was being held hostage by monkeys in the jungle, but unfortunately  I have been suffering from a case of the blues since our return from vacation last Monday.

I was hoping that Monday I was going to be able to share the wonderful news with you that I was going to be a yummy mummy again, but after a very upsetting routine ultrasound, I learned that the baby was not meant to be, and had stopped growing around 6-8 weeks. The worst part was that there was no indication, and the second worst part was that I had to have a D&C which was not too pleasant. 

After a solid week of depression, I have decided that it is time to get back to all things yummy and mummy so I am in a good place in 6-8 weeks when we get to start trying for baby number 3 (my husband likes to pride himself on the fact that both babies hit on the first try) so hopefully in December I will be sick and fat and pregnant again! 

After giving a million hugs to my 1st baby Liam, I am now ready to discuss all things all things frivolous, the not so frivolous. Thanks to everyone for hanging in with me, and thanks to those of you who have sent me such kind words. Keep your fingers crossed for me for the future, and for now make sure to check back daily as I am back!