Michell Tanner?

So I have totally fallen in love with this new label Elizabeth and James. Totally. That is until I found out that the designers behind my beloved are none other than Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. The Olsen twins. Yes, I was just as disappointed as you are. Do you mean to tell me that my new staple item long white tuxedo shirt and amazing studded distressed leather belt were designed by Michelle Tanner? Michelle Tanner who I grew up watching on TV, and would later learn to loath through all their straight to video DVD’s that my younger sisters would force me to watch year after year. This isn’t fair. What’s even worse is that the same pigtailed little girls grew up to dress like stylized bag ladies (clearly I am not a fan of grunge/ boho sheik.) What am I going to do now? I am so torn.

This makes me wonder if I accumulate my pieces for my wardrobe based on the actual pieces, or am I like the masses of wanabe fashionistas who buys things solely based on their celebrity designer. I mean, am I into Phillip Lim only because it’s trendy to be into Phillip Lim? Do I worship Marc Jacobs because he is well, Marc Jacobs? And what about my so called classics like Burberry and Hermes? Do I only love them because you are supposed to love them?

Nah, this is crazy talk. All of the aforementioned are fabulous. Fabulous because the clothes are fabulous, and the way they make me feel is fabulous. I may be a label whore, but you know what? I have some pretty damn amazing labels, if you ask me.

So, I will accept my clothes made by a former child star, or stars, in this case. But I can’t promise I won’t love them a little less. Who am I kidding? I will rock these clothes until I find the next “big thing”. Maybe Alyssa Milano or Candice Cameron have a fashion line………