Elizabeth and James. Part Deux.

While sunning myself in paradise, this morning, I received an emergent email from my very stylish Vogue reading sister-in-law E.A. What was the emergency you ask? She wanted to make sure that I knew that I was, in fact, still very stylish. Whew.

E.A. informed me that if I hadn't traded my Vogue subscription in for my Parenting magazing (it was so damn heavy) then I would have seen that the must have label for fall was none other than Elizabeth and James, and the new it girls for the fall were none other than Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, aka the bobble head billionaires.

We all know if Anna Wintour says it then it is like God speaking, and therefore it must be true. I mean, the woman does have about 1,000 Birkins for Christ's sake.
So, here I was thinking my stylist at Intermix had steered me all wrong, and all this time me of little faith was actually a trend setter. Here I was thinking I was getting my designs straight from target (of course we had a laugh at that thought) (don't get me wrong Target is still the place for everything else), when in actuality I, yummy mummy, was truly a yummy mummy. I know, I too surprise myself sometimes. So thanks auntie em, I will never be a self doubter again.