Channeling Gwyneth.

I am the first to admit I constantly am developing a new celebrity crush. You know, where you become obsessed with a certain celebrity, convinced that with the same hair/clothes/make up you too could be that celebrity. No? Well this is sort of a hobby of mine. Luckily for me I usually pick celebrities that are in the same age range, hair range, style range. 

Well usually. Past crushes have included Sienna Miller (pre topless, husband stealing pictures), Kate Moss (pre and post coke habit; hers not mine), Heidi Klum, Katie Holmes (pre soccer mom makeover) name it I've copied it. At the moment I am currently LOVING Gwyneth Paltrow. I mean LOVING. Love the new hair, love the gladiator sandals, love the clothes. You name it I want it. Yummy Mummy has now become synonymous with her name. 

This is not the first time that I have tried to morph into Gwyen. In my senior year high school photo I am rocking that sliding doors short do that was all the rage. I wore pink all through my sophomore year in college channeling that pink Oscar  gown. Of course I also tried to wear that too long hair, but unfortunately/luckily for me genetics were not on my side. It seems like out of nowhere Gwyneth has become the new/old it girl. 100 guests at J-Z's wedding, of course she was there. Cover of vogue with that new fab do, that's my girl. Summering in the Hamptons, yep. Killing at fashion week, of course. You get the picture. She is back and better an ever, and I NEED to be her.

Here's how my transformation is going. 

1. Posh bob needs another 2 inches and then I will have her amazing hair.
2. Burberry trench is on it's way (right honey?)
3. I am still rocking the gladiator Michael Kors' heels into the fall. 
4. Gold rimmed Ray-Bans are attached permanently to my face.
5. New highly fashionable winter wardrobe, check.

Of course this would be easier if I had her budget, stylist, and rocker husband (for the cool factor of course.) But for the moment I am completely confident that by Christmas she and I will be twins. I'm just hoping she doesn't channel the new Katie/ Posh mom do, because that would be a really, really bad look for me.