There's No Place Like Home, There's No Place Like Home......

Home, Sweet, Condo. I never imagined that those words would ever sound so yummy!

So yes, we are FINALLY in our new home. It was touch and go there for a while, but amazingly we pulled through the nine long nights and ten long days at the Cambridge Courtyard Marriott, a.k.a the hotel from hell.

Alas, most of those horrible memories have been washed away in the pure euphoria that I now feel sitting here on my fancy new sofa looking around at the beauty that is my new home, my first home. Just like any new mother I can't stop taking pictures, and as soon as I can figure out my high speed internet (not as easy as the cable guy made it sound) you will be the first to see my beautiful new addition.

Now that I am settled I promise to be back and hopefully better than ever. So make sure you check in daily. I've missed all of you. For now I'm going to decide which one of my three (yes three!) bathrooms to take a long hot bath in. Who am I kidding, I'm really going to sit in my new closet and stare at my shoe collection, I don't want them to be lonely.