Punishment for my past life??????

"Dream Home" not finished + Living in a one room hotel with my husband, baby, and 19 year old hottie sister H.M. + 90 degree heat = Hell.

Ok, so it's not that bad; but it's not great either. The room is nice, close to downtown, and it has a pool. But let me tell you sharing one room can definitely get a bit crowded. Somehow we are surviving and no one has killed anyone else, yet.

The inspector (aka the Devil), finally showed today (a week late) and said our furniture could move in. We can not. Small victory I suppose. Hopefully, by Wednesday I will be looking out my 17 foot windows, and will be enjoying the view of my custom built closets (more to follow on this) with a big fat glass of Chardonnay in my hand. This vision is keeping me alive!

Luckily, said hotel has internet access so I will try to keep you all updated! It's going to be a LONG weekend.