The Next Great American Novel?

Given that Sunday is Liam's first birthday, and I have spent the last year in full mommy mode, I have begun to question what my next move is going to be. I began to think about this when I ran into my old boss/ hero/ idol/ god at the hair salon last week and she offered me a part time job. While I was incredibly honored, I realized I am no where near ready to return to the work force. Like not even close. So now what?

I, like most of the general population, have been dying to write a book. I have dreamt about, and written and re-written this novel probably a hundred times in my head. Like most aspiring writers, I unfortunately have never written a word. In fact, I never thought that I could actually write. I am slowly learning through this blog that maybe, just maybe with the right amount of discipline I could possibly do this. I'm not saying this is going to be on the top of the New York Times Best Seller List (could you imagine?) but I have read more than enough chick lit (like every single one, ten times) to know my book will kick some Bridget Jones' ass.

So why not, and why not now. When will I ever have four hours a day (yes my child is an amazing napper) to do nothing but put the pen to paper, or finger to key in this case. So I have dedicated Wednesdays to all things literary in honor of my new found career; a writer! Now all I need is a computer (honey, I REALLY hope that new Mac is going to appear soon, hint hint).

So here we go.... from lawyer to mommy; mommy to consultant; and now consultant to writer.

See you at your local Barnes and Noble for my book signing next year!